Ammonite Fossils – Singapore Crystal Shop

Ammonite Fossils – Singapore Crystal Shop

Ammonites are fossilized sea creatures of the past that lived 400 million years ago. Fossilized  over time, ammonites usually comprise of minerals such as limestone, calcite, pyrite and aragonite.   Some even exhibit a “fiery” opal iridescence.

Rare Russian Ammonite pendants are cut from huge ammonites; These ammonite pendants are set in silver.

Below are some rare perfect Golden Pyrite Ammonites. These are shell fossils that date back  about 195 million years.  Most of the common ammonites’ shells are replaced by calcite and sometimes pyrite for rarer ones. Usually ammonites are embedded in rocks and perfectly preserved ammonites with only pyrite are rare finds.

Here are some pendants and rings made from these ammonites. Designs are available for both men and ladies.

The photo below shows  Nautiloids , which are always mistaken for ammonites. They are from the same family as ammonites and  are usually “fatter” then  ammonites. These cute looking Nautiloids  have been polished. In the photo below you can see the different chambers filled with calcite and aragonite, being divided by the original shells.

The second picture shows a Big Nautiloid with parts of the orginal shell still intact.

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